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Today GTM has business activities in more than 30 countries with markets ranging from industrial to retail and business activities from chemical trading to manufacturing.  GTM is a technology driven company and is proud to not only introduce but assist in the development of new technologies that make day to living a little bit easier and more productive for the individual and corporations alike.


Three recent examples of developing and introducing new technologies are:

Low cost highly efficient soil stabilisation technology

Turn dirt into highly resilient flexible polymer concrete !


Low cost extremely efficient soil de-salination technology

Results with weeks, not years !

Low cost extremely versatile and feature packed VoIP/PBX hybrid phone system

Too many features for a fraction of your current ongoing costs

Calls to your sales reps mobiles for free !



Featured Products and Technologies

  • geosal - the solution against soil salinity rev 1_page_01.png
  • geosal.png
  • GeoStab - Advanced Technology for Cost Effective Manufacture hq_Page_01.jpg
  • GeoStab - Soil Stabilization Takes a Quantum Leap - final_Page_01.jpg
  • GeoStab - The Road Recycled - final_Page_01.jpg
  • Ready Reckoner 2010 final hq.jpg
  • T@lk IPLink PBXDrawingV2 small.png